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Polichrono Halkidiki Greece



Mavrobara Polichrono

Mavrobara lake is located close to Villa Alexandra and is an area of exceptional beauty and ecological significance.

It is a freshwater lake with a total size of 2,200 m2 and an elevation of 300 metres above sea level.

The lake was formed by landslides caused by geological activity.

Its tranquil waters provide habitat for two endangered water turtle species, “Emydidae”, “emys orbicularis”, and “Mauremys caspica”. Each of these species’ populations have risen in recent years, which is highly optimistic for their future.


Petralona Cave

Train to Petralona cave

Petralona cave is a popular day trip location located 54 kilometres from Villa Alexandra. With 700,000-year-old stalactites and stalagmites to admire, this cave is a must-see for anybody interested in Europe’s oldest stalactites and stalagmites.

One of the most significant prehistoric artefacts is a cave.

One of the first people to uncover the cave was a shepherd hunting for a spring, Fillipos Chatzaridis, who found the Petralonian Archanthopus, a 670,000-year-old hominid skull there in 1960.


Mount Athos

Mount Athos

Orthodox monasticism’s most significant centre and a top global heritage site, Mount Athos has been in existence since the 10th century.

It is located on Halkidiki’s third peninsula, which juts 45 kilometres into the Aegean Sea and has a width of 5-10 kilometres. It gets its name from the mountain’s highest point, Mount Athos, which rises to 2,033 metres above sea level.

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