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Polichrono Halkidiki Greece



Mavrobara Polichrono

Mavrobara is located very close to Villa Alexandra and it is a place of rare beauty and great ecological importance.

It is a freshwater lake covering a total area of 2,200 m2, located 300 metres above sea level.  The lake was created by geological landslides.

Its calm water gives shelter to two rare water turtle species, belonging to the families “Emydidae”, “emys orbicularis” and “Mauremys caspica”. The number of individuals of each of these species has increased in recent years and this is very encouraging for their future.


Petralona Cave

Train to Petralona cave

Petralona cave is located about 54 km from Villa Alexandra and it is a very popular destination for short trips. Will be charmed by the lovely stalactites and stalagmites and you will see the remnants of Europe’s most ancient stalactites and stalagmites, aged 700,000 years.

The cave is among the most important monuments of human prehistory.

The cave was accidentally discovered in 1959 by Fillipos Chatzaridis, a local shepherd looking for a spring, and it rose to world fame in 1960, when another local came across the skull of the Petralonian Archanthopus, an early hominid as old as 670,000 years.


Mount Athos

Mount Athos

Mount Athos has been, since the end of the 10th century, the most important center of Orthodox monasticism and one of the top world heritage sites.

It occupies the third peninsula of Halkidiki, protruding 45 km into the Aegean sea at a width of 5-10 km, and it derives its name from the homonymous peak (Mount Athos 2,033 meters ) of the mountain which dominates this rocky strip of land.

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