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Folklore Museum von Polichrono

Folklore Museum of Polichrono


Museum of Polichrono

The Folklore Museum of Polichrono founded in 2014 and officially launched on August 17, 2014. The museum is a creation of the Cultural Association of Polichrono and located behind the church of Ag. Athanasios.

The exhibits are arranged in showcases walls and topics presented a meaningful that enable visitors of the museum to have a comprehensive view without having to create the sense of limited and chock full of exhibition space.

Visiting hours:
Summer : Tuesday to Saturday evening hours from 20:00 to 22:00
Winter :  Tuesdays 18; 30 to 20:00 or by appointment (tel. 6977232168 )

Admission Fee: General Admission: 2 € / person, 1 € group